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  • Verizon

    Being one of the world's leading providers of technology, entertainment products, communications, and information, Verizon is changing the way people and businesses connect. At Highland Management Group, our role is to meet with potential consumers in person, understand their needs, and offer personalized TV, internet, and phone bundles to ensure they stay connected with their loved ones.

  • Ready Refresh

    At Highland Management Group, we know the importance of staying hydrated. Given the unprecedented times of the pandemic, with frontline health personnel working long hours at a frantic pace, we have collaborated with Ready Refresh’s mission to deliver drinking water to homes and commercial establishments in safe and contactless ways. Ready Refresh uses a continuous recycling process to reuse 5-gallon jugs as a part of its mission to reduce waste.

  • Inspire Energy

    We’re proud to partner with Inspire Energy to offer businesses and homeowners sustainable energy alternatives. Inspire Energy has made significant impacts on reducing the use of coal and fossil fuels. At Highland Management Group, our team of sustainable energy experts interacts with qualified customers to analyze energy rates and offer solutions that serve both - the customer and the Earth. Till now, we have continued our collaboration with Inspire Energy owing to our expertise, data accumulation capabilities, and our promise to deliver results.

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